The Best Turkey Decoy Reviews 2017

Turkey decoys are one of the most powerful tools to enhance your hunt and bag the most turkeys possible. The design of turkey decoys has gotten better and better every year. Today, we hope to help you find the best turkey decoy that fills your unique needs.

The equipment in the list below are all extraordinarily lifelike, from top to bottom, and would fool even the most seasoned hunter. Most importantly, these best turkey decoys are super durable and weatherproof; if you take our advice below and choose one of these decoys, you won’t need to buy another decoy for many, many years.

We are willing to bet that the best turkey decoy for your needs is on this list. There are many pieces of equipment out there that simply won’t make the cut – they will ruin your hunt and won’t last long. You need the most lifelike, top notch turkey decoy if you want to lure in bigtime gobblers, so stick to the trusted turkey decoys here.

Here are our best turkey decoy reviews:

What is the Best Turkey Decoy For The Money?


1. Primos Gobstopper Jake & Hen Turkey Decoy Combo

The Primos Gobstopper Jake & Hen Decoy Combo set features one hen and one young male and is one of the best turkey decoy sets out there. These decoys together weigh ~5 lbs, making them highly portable, lightweight, and easy to travel with. We’ve put this combo set at the top of our list because it’s an amazing value (two decoys) for the price, without having to sacrifice quality.

The most important dimension of this decoy combo is that it is two highly realistic, lifelike decoys for the price of one. Tom turkeys will come running when they see this combo set, as it simulates a young Jake getting friendly with a receptive hen. As a bonus, this set comes with a convenient carrying bag.

We feel very strongly that the Primos Gobstopper Combo is the best bang for your buck decoy out there. This Primos turkey decoy doesn’t have super cutting-edge advanced features; it does its job simply, and very well, without any unnecessary bells and whistles. Count on Primos to provide you with an outstanding decoy for any season.

Additional Features

  • High Definition Paint
  • Collapsible, Lightweight Body
  • Mesh Carry Bag

2. Avian-X Breeder Turkey Decoy

The Avian-X Breeder Turkey Decoy is very high on our best turkey decoy list because it is extremely realistic and has proven effectiveness in the field. This Zink Avian unit comes from their class of Lifelike Collapsible Decoys, and simulates a receptively postured breeder hen. This unit is fairly pricey, but the extra $$$ shows in the bird’s color and quality.

This decoy is incredibly lifelike and assumes a submissive, hitched position with low wings and lifted, exposed back-end to lure gobblers in the mating mood. The Avian-X Breeder will always put you in position to get the perfect chance at a Tom or Jake kill.

An effective strategy with this unit is to pair it with a second male decoy to lure in jealous or opportunistic gobblers. We recommend pairing this breeder turkey decoy with the Jake quarter-strut listed below (#7).

Additional Features

  • Dura-Rubber Construction
  • Non-Flaking Paint
  • One-Piece Collapsible Stake

3. Flextone Funky Chicken Turkey Decoy

Flextone has a great reputation among turkey hunters because they make simple, effective equipment at bargain prices. The Flextone Funky Chicken Turkey Decoy is my favorite decoy because it’s not only hilarious looking (see the video below), but it’s insanely effective and typically MSRPs under <$30.

The secret to the Funky Chicken’s effectiveness? Its wimpiness. This wimpy jake’s elongated, skinny neck, high stance, and super thin, small appearance triggers insane aggression by jakes and gobblers alike. I seriously recommend just opening up YouTube and watching some of the hilarious videos out there. You’ll be completely sold. There are tons of reviews from hunters who tried the Funky Chicken that explain how this decoy ended their season in 30 minutes. Aggressive gobblers go CRAZY for the Funky Chicken!

Additional Features

  • Non-Sheen, High Quality Paint
  • Lures gobblers of all ages
  • Small, foldable, and easy to transport

4. Primos B-Mobile Turkey Decoy


This is another outstanding decoy from the Primos turkey decoy team. The Primos B-Mobile Turkey Decoy is a full-strut unit, which is a type of decoy that sometimes gets a bad rap among hunters. In our opinion, this is unfair. It is true that these types of units are more situational, as they can be intimidating to non-territorial toms.

We want to tell you that the full-strutter decoys can be golden in a highly dominant tom’s turf, or to lure in a group of toms, but it might not be the best choice for more general turkey hunting.

The B-Mobile Turkey Decoy comes with the great quality that hunters come to expect with the renowned Primos brand. This unit is made of flexible plastic and comes with a fan holder for attaching real fans. It will not fail you in even the most rugged conditions, and is built to last a long time. Primos also has an excellent return policy – one of the best in the business.

5. The Miss Purr-fect Turkey Decoy by Montana Decoy

Montana Decoy Miss Purr-fect Turkey DecoyThe first word that comes to mind when thinking of Montana Decoy’s Miss Purr-fect Turkey Decoy is versatility. This hen decoy features Montana Decoy’s Perfect Pose Technology: a shapeable wire inside the decoy’s neck that allows the hunter to adjust head positioning. This technology helps to unlock the awesome versatility of this decoy.

The Miss Purr-fect also includes two leg pole slits, which help adjust its poses for many angles. Check out the video embedded here for a great demo of the three suggested configurations (‘Looker’, ‘Breeder’, and ‘Feeder’).

The Miss Purr-fect is able to be collapsed or set up in mere seconds, and features an extremely lightweight construction without sacrificing quality. One of the coolest features of this product is the realism of her ‘feather cut’ fabric, which gives it a big leg-up in realism versus plastic decoys.

6. The Jake Purr-fect Turkey Decoy by Montana Decoy

Jake Purr-fect Montana Decoy Turkey decoyThe Jake Purr-fect Turkey Decoy is another member of the Montana Decoy Purr-fect line of decoys. We consider this one of the best turkey decoys on the market. With its collapsible cotton fabric over springy coil structure, the Jake Purr-fect shares many similarities with the Miss Purr-fect hen decoy. This unit has incredible realism, and is one of our favorite jake turkey decoys on the market.

This unit features Perfect Pose Technology which as we covered before, allows the hunter to adjust the neck and posture of the bird. There are two suggested poses for this decoy, the ‘Brawler’ and ‘Feeder’, with convenient leg pole markings for easy set-up. Like the Purr-fect hen decoy, the Jake Purr-fect is fully feather-cut, which ensures an added dimension of realism. Its lifelike feathers flutter with the breeze, creating a soft-edged profile that could fool even the wisest tom.

7. Avian-X Jake Quarter Strut Turkey Decoy

AvianX Jake Quarter Strut Turkey Decoy

The Avian-X Jake Quarter-Strut Turkey Decoy is the first quarter-strut turkey decoy to make it on to our list. Like the full-strut turkey decoy we reviewed above, the quarter-strut is best used in tandem with another decoy such as a lookout hen laid flat on the ground. Versus a full-strut, this quarter-strut is less intimidating to other gobblers.

Like the Avian-X Breeder Hen we reviewed above (#2), this decoy is fully collapsible, crease-resistant, and extremely life-like. Because it can be easily folded into your hunting vest, the Jake Quarter-Strut is an excellent choice for the hunter looking for a mobility-friendly decoy.



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