Our Favorites: The Best Turkey Calls of 2023

It seems like a yearly tradition that the best turkey calls manufacturers uncover that new must-have feature that will take your turkey hunt to the next level. But, obviously, most of these new turkey product releases boil down to simple gimmick product offerings. Never has it been more important to leverage intelligent and thoughtful analysis by real pros in order to find the best turkey call.

If you were to ask 4 different turkey hunters about what they look for in the best turkey call equipment, they would give you 4 different answers. The BestTurkeyCalls.com team has worked hard to compare our own insights to prepare the below list of the turkey calls which we all believe to be best of the best.

The best turkey calls below are consistent top-performers for our team and the fellow hunters who we’re privileged to call our friends. We sincerely hope you find the below list of the best turkey calls of 2017 to be helpful in choosing the best turkey call for you.

What Are The Best Turkey Calls For The Money?

1. Primos The Gobbler Shaker Turkey Call

The Gobbler Shaker Call, by Primos, is an extremely easy-to-use shaker call and one of the best turkey calls out there. This call can be used effectively by new hunters and experts alike. This call can be used for both one-handed jake calling and two-handed adult gobbling. The Gobbler Shaker Call includes a Primos silencer cap (patented tech) which prevents accidental sounds ruining your hunt. We have used this call turkeys in from extremely long distances, and at this price, it’s an excellent addition to your arsenal.

2. Knight & Hale Dual Threat Glass and Slate Turkey Pot Call

This Dual Threat Glass/Slate Call by Knight & Hale is one of the most innovative turkey calls out there today. With its two-sided design, you can use this call at both long and short distances. The glass side provides extremely loud, high-pitched sounds for long distances, while the slate side generates softer sounds suited to short distance calling.

If you buy this, not only do you get a great dual-sided pot, but you also get Knight & Hale’s patented Echotech Diamondwood Striker. This striker is water-proof and weather-proof thanks to its internal resonator design.


3. Primos Hook-Up Magnetic Turkey Box Call

The Primos Hook-Up Magnetic Box Call includes a magnetic hinge that ensures you’ll have the perfect tension level for each of your call types. The magnetic hinge is quite strong, and effectively prevents the paddle from undesired movement (and as a result, unwanted sounds). You can also fully remove the paddle if you desire. At just the right angle and tension level, you can make every call imaginable. Expert hunters out there trust the Primos brand as the best of the best in terms of quality and reputation.

Primos Turkey Mouth Calls

If there is one thing that the BestTurkeyCalls.com team agrees on, it’s that Primos mouth calls are some of the best diaphragm calls out there for the price. There is no shortage of variety with Primos mouth calls, either. There are so many great Primos mouth calls that we had to create an entire section for them!

Here are our favorites:

4. Primos Mastering The Art Turkey Mouth Calls

As you’ll see in the next several products, there is no shortage of variety with Primos mouth calls. The Mastering The Art package is very popular among new hunters. This package features three easy-to-use mouth calls along with an instructional CD narrated by Will Primos; it’s in many ways a full “sampler” of mouth calls, so you can see which one fits you best! Included in this set are:

  • Mini A-Frame Double;
  • Sonic Dome Double;
  • Many Beards;
  • Instructional CD;
  • Call Carrying Case.

5. Primos Cutter Call Turkey Mouth Call Three-Pack

Like the Mastering The Art package, this set provides a handful of different calls which allow you to gravitate toward the one that’s best for you. These Primos mouth calls are simple and include moulding so that your mouth automatically positions itself for optimal turkey calling. The reeds for all of these calls are made of latex. Included in this set:

  • A-Frame Double with Double Cut;
  • A-Frame Triple with BAT Cut;
  • Sonic Dome Triple with BAT Cut;
  • Call Carrying Case.

6. Primos Hunting Hook Hunter Turkey Mouth Call (x2)

This call is smooth as butter. Effortless and subtle, and requiring little air, this premium call carries across long distances and through harsh wind. The reeds on this call are hand-cut, which we think contributes to why this Primos mouth call bubbles to the top of all mouth calls. This call is better for more advanced hunters; we recommend that novices start with a simpler mouth call.

7. Primos Hunting Hook Hunter Long Hook Upper Cut Turkey Mouth Call

This is another member of Primos’ Hunting Hook line of mouth calls, and is for more advanced hunters. It is designed with two hand-cut reeds (latex) and an upper cut for awesome flydowns and the raspiest yelps. These pitches are super unique – even the wisest turkeys will be fooled.

8. Primos Hunting Hook Hunter Series 2 Ghost Cut Turkey Call

If there is one thing that the BestTurkeyCalls.com team agrees on, it’s that Primos mouth calls are some of the best diaphragm calls out there for the price. Thanks to its hand-made “ghost” cut, Primos’ Hook Hunter Series 2 creates some of the most fantastic kee-kees and soft yelps we’ve ever heard. This call is more forgiving for the beginners out there.

Hunting For The Best Turkey Calls

Turkey hunting is one of the most popular outdoor activities in North America. However, turkeys can be quite a challenge to lure in and ultimately harvest. Because of the turkey’s elusiveness, it is imperative to choose the best turkey calls out there.

I hope that our “Best Turkey Calls” list helps you to make the perfect decision for you. Ultimately, you’ve got to decide the dimensions that’re most important to you. Is it durability? One-handed or two-handed? Price? Mobility? The best turkey call for one man won’t be the best one for someone else.

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The Best Turkey Calls 2023
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